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From the battlefields over seas to the communities here at home.  I was taught the core values of a Marine; Honor, Courage and Commitment.

Before I found my way into the chimney world I was a veteran looking for a place I fit. It was with the mixture of safety, knowledge, and daring feats that brought me into the chimney world.

Since than I have searched, studied, and became a professional chimney technician and a licensed contractor.  It's with my core values and my thirst to support my community while supporting my own family that I bring safety and service to another level.

A proud father of 5 kids, this veteran has overcome homelessness, hunger, addiction, and sickness to create a company that provides a needed and yet dangerous service.  Recreating the image of the chimney sweep from a Marry Poppins dance routine, to an advanced technological advancement and professionalism to the chimney world. 

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