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Now Offering Exterior Services

Starks Chimney Services is now offering additional exterior services.  We have partnered with some of the most popular contractors in the area and are now able to offer roofing, siding, and gutters.  Why is a chimney guy getting into more exterior work? Because chimneys are suppose to tie into the rest of the house and we often repair roofs and siding to match with a chimney and to prevent water intrusion. 

roofing image of a roof


We can now handle all your roofing needs.  Whether it was a storm that destroyed your roof, a tree that fell through, or you just have an old roof.  We can work with insurance companies and even fight for you to win an insurance claim.

siding, image of siding


You may not know but many chimneys are actually made of wood and covered in siding.  We call them wooden chases and we are now able to offer full house siding.  Call us for the best deals around.

Colonial white gutter guard system,  soffit providing ventilation to the attic, with gray


I can tell you as a chimney guy, chimneys are sometimes destroyed because of poor gutters.  Let us replace and update your gutter system to prevent future water damage.

Chimney Services

J. Heffelfinger

"Matthew is a true professional and his prices are very reasonable. He is extremely knowledgeable. He was able to assess our chimney, obtain a chimney cap for us and complete an install all within the same day. I highly recommend Matthew for any of your needs. We would definitely use this company again for any servcices.

B. Johnson

"I have an aggressive timeline to close on my house and I called Matthew at the last minute, frantic, and in desperate need of a Chimney Inspection. Matthew came out on his day off, between family events and inspected my chimney,  which allowed me to move my dream of homeownership forward. Matthew educated me on the various parts of a chimney, maintenance, and future needs."

A. Ratliff

"He was very professional, on time and educated me along the way. I feel comfortable knowing that my woodstove is ready for the winter and would highly recommend these services. Thanks again for a great detailed inspection and way to go above and beyond."

About the Owner

Matthew Stark (Veteran Owner)

We have started this business with the values of a Marine and the patriotism of an American. We value safety, integrity, honesty, and courage. From the sands of Iraq to the shores of the Susquehanna, I have traveled His world with the hopes of helping make it a better place.  Now through the grace of God and our Lord Jesus Christ I can now bring my experience and love into your home by helping provide safe and affordable heating solutions.


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